Illinois State Regulation

Episode 30 – Autolyze Consulting, a remote Food Industry Consultant

Shelby describes doing business in Chicago as a “microcosm”. Learn more about his journey through Chicago’s food world on this week’s episode!

Episode 29 – R.B. Pest Solutions, Pest Control in Chatham

Robi says doing business in Chicago is “exciting.” She grew up watching her dad work as an exterminator. Then, after working as a business educator for a couple of years, she decided to start her own pest control company. What kind of licenses did she need to kickstart her business?

Episode 23 – Revolutionary Care, a traveling Message Therapist

Rezna describes doing business in Chicago as “determination”. She’s determined to help Chicagoans understand their power to heal themselves. But how does she do it?

Just Ice in Back of the Yards, a Craft Ice Producer

Rosanna describes doing business in Chicago as “a new thing every day”. When she opened her craft ice business she had no competitors in Chicago. How did Rosanna go about navigating a new industry?

Vested World in The Loop, an Angel Investor

Euler describes doing business in Chicago as “extremely collaborative”. As a lawyer, he focused on transactional work. How has his legal background informed the way he approaches the promotion of economic development in underserved areas?

Episode 15 – Nature’s Little Recyclers Throughout Chicago, a Composter

Ed and Dale describe doing business in Chicago as “tough”. They have faced skepticism from both their local communities and legislators. What challenges do they face as owners of a composting business in Chicago?

Episode 1 – MOOvers in Jefferson Park, a Moving Company

Cezar describes doing business in Chicago as “insane”. He wants to grow his moving business. What’s standing in his way?