Sylvia and Augie’s business grew out of a personal need for an effective laundry detergent that wouldn’t irritate their family’s sensitive skin. From diaper rash to eczema to sweaty workout clothes, Sylvia couldn’t find an “all in one” product that worked for everyone, so she engaged an organic chemist to create one. Dinobi Detergent is designed to be an affordable, plant-based laundry detergent that is powerful in the wash, yet gentle on skin and the environment. From changing consumers’ buying habits, to navigating the city’s contract and procurement process, to keeping their product in stock for wholesalers, doing business isn’t always easy. 

What is the vision for Dinobi over the next five years? Learn more at Follow @Dinobi_Detergent on Instagram and @DinobiDetergent on Facebook. Fun fact: “dinobi” means “precious.”

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