Month: July 2019

Episode 8 – Shop the Thrifty Fashionista, a Mobile Business, Fashion Resale Truck

Jera and Joslyn describe doing business in Chicago as “interesting”. This mother-daughter duo decided to open a mobile thrift boutique. What steps did they have to take to ensure they’re compliant with the city’s requirements?

Episode 7 – Chicago Primal Gym in Lakeview, a Gym

Sean and Grant describe doing business in Chicago as “a dream come true”. They began their business from Sean’s backyard and faced a variety of zoning challenges. What advice would they now give to self-employed gym owners?

Episode 5 – Haji Healing Salon in Chatham, a Yoga Studio and Wellness Center

Aya-Nikole describes doing business in Chicago as “vibrant and expansive.” She once taught yoga in sunny California. What lured her back to Chicago?

Episode 4 – Upton’s Naturals in Austin, a Food Producer

Nicole and Dan describe doing business in Chicago as “resourceful”. They saved thousands when bringing their food space up to code. How did they do it?